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My name is James. I am a long time computer user. Some even use the work ‘geek’ when describing me but I am not sure if this is case.

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I’m sure that computers need no introduction. They are perhaps the best human discovery in the recent times. This mind blowing technology has become a part of our daily lives. Its multipurpose usage has made it more prominent in this 21st century.

Computers are not only used by professionals, like engineers, doctors, students, teachers, etc., but also can be used by people from all walks of life for recreation and entertainment.

However, do we know about computers as much as we think we do? There are several parts that you need to purchase to build that master gaming PC. With little knowledge about the computer devices, we might end up damaging one.

So if you are not sure what parts to buy or which model is hot in the market right now, then this website is made just for you. Here, I will be reviewing various types of computer appliance, mainly the following, to make your shopping easier.

Computer Monitors


Remember those old school box-shaped computer monitors? Some of you probably spent quite a big fraction of your teenage life using them.

Sadly, the LCD monitors are now the ones that are hot in the market. They have replaced those old school CRT monitors, occupying most of the shelves in the electronic stores. LCD monitors are famous for the little space they occupy and the less power they consume, compared to other monitors. These monitors are fashionable and chic, and their light weight aids them to be mounted on a wall or an arm.



These are awesome for big rooms and big screens, so they are ideal for delivering lectures and presentations to large groups. You can also watch movies and other videos if you have a home theatre. Projectors come in different sizes and capabilities, from handheld devices that are used in dark rooms to high-powered devices that can be used in brightly lit offices.

There are mainly three types of projectors available in the market:

  • LCD projector – passes light through LCD panels rather than bouncing it away
  • DLP projectors –  uses a mirror to direct light in an image
  • LED projector – is named for the light source, not for the projection technology

Network attached Storage Devices

Drobo-FS-Beyondraid-5-bay-NAS-2Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices has become the primary piece of networking equipment in both home and small businesses. If you need to share or store data over a network, then NAS devices can come in handy. The latest models of the NAS devices have extensive capabilities, including back-up, data recovery, application add-ons and much more.

Besides storing and sharing data on a network, these devices also offer additional server modes and supports UPnP and DLNA. So if you store a multimedia content, like a video on share on a NAS device, your DLNA and UPnP clients can stream that data.

If you don’t know what those mean, then that’s fine! Just browse the NAS reviews I post and you are good to go.

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WD My Cloud EX2 Personal Cloud Storage Review

WD-My-Cloud-EX2-1Concurrently with the increasing demands on the Network Attached Storage (NAS) from small business offices and homes, the WD My Cloud EX2 is the technology answer to those demands of a fully featured 2 bay NAS devices.

The WD My Cloud EX2 is offered in several storage capacitates to fit the storage criteria for various businesses. You can start by the diskless model, which comes without preinstalled internal storage, for $176 and then to the 4TB for $367, 6TB for $452 and the 8TB for $540.


  • It is 6.1 x 3.9 x 6.8 inches and 3.4 pounds
  • 2 USB ports, 2 Hard drives WD RED, 2 internal bays and 2 external bays
  • 0.5 GB RAM
  • Preinstalled automatic backup software

This storage device provides multiple drive management options to include spanning, RAID0 and RAID1. It provides also the utmost data protection through the private cloud, LAN or WAN. In addition, it supports the automatic backup via WD Smart Ware Pro for PC users and Apple Time Machine compatible for Mac users.

The My Cloud NAS is designed to achieve fully compacted suite of protocols such as FTP, P2P torrent servers, Word Press, Transmission and many others. Best of all, it can be accessed from anywhere, external computers on the cloud, smart phones, tables and mobile phones. MyCloud EX2 is a low power device that targets low levels of powers and doesn’t need to attach huge fans for cooling.

My Cloud NAS has the advantage of being a fast access storage device with extremely easy and informative GUI. It doesn’t need deep level of network technicality to handle it. It can be simply accessed and shared through a conventional internet browser. Despite that, one issue of the device is that it doesn’t do multiple different backups to the drives.

MyCloud EX2 is available in two colors, Black and Gun metal. Those colors are perfect to make the device always appears as new one – like it doesn’t age. It comes with Ethernet cable, power supplier (AC adapter) and the install manual guide. The cables are colored matched in order not have many cable colors. The power supplier inside the retail box supports up to 36 watts on 12 Voltage supply. Hence, it is considered to be energy efficient.

Other nice feature of the MyCloud drivers is that they are swappable, that when one drive fails, you can simply open the top plate with your fingers and just slide the drive out of the body. And to replace the failed drive, a screwdriver is needed to be tapped over the new drive. Some users prefer building full RAID 1 row backup drive from beginning in case of failure to achieve instantiations automatic backup.

The front end of the My loud EX2 has three led’s, one for power status and the remaining two to indicate internal hard drives status. No ventilation holes are included on any side of its body. It includes small fan for cooling.

In conclusion, this NAS from WD is a compacted fully featured NAS solution that targets small businesses and homes. It has several really nice features such as automatic backups, proficient levels of data protection, easy and informative internet GUI and fast data transfers. Also it is a very energy efficient device that consumes small power supplies hence it needs only small-sized fan for cooling. It is provided in different capacities to suit different usages and purposes. So all in all, let’s take a peak in your storage efficiency and get the WD My Cloud EX2.