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Best IPS Computer Monitor For Gaming 2017/2018 Reviews

Gone are the days when you needed just some monitor. Now your choice of the monitor depends on how you are going to use it.

Are you working mainly with word processors and spreadsheets? Are you photographer working on your pictures in Adobe Photoshop?

Or maybe you are a computer gamer looking for a computer screen for gaming that makes fragging your opponent even more graphical?best ips monitors

If you care a lot about the quality of the image you see on your computer monitor, you will find some valuable tips in this article. It has been written with people like artists, designers, and gamers in mind.

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Cheap vs Quality Monitor

The screen is an integral part of any desktop computer. Today the prices of flat screen monitors are lower than ever before, and many people are making purchase decisions about their computer accessories based only on price.

It may work for those who are using their PC as typewriter or spreadsheet processor. But it is a bad idea if the quality of the picture is important to you – think graphic design, Photoshop, multimedia, gaming. If you don’t want to torture yourself by looking at miserable quality pictures for the next couple of years, you will have to pay some extra amount of your hard earned cash for a premium quality IPS monitor

What is the IPS Monitor?

IPS monitors are able to provide better image quality and wider viewing angles. It is possible because of 2 tech differences – different alignment of crystals in the panel and applying an electrical current to both ends of the crystal.

This type of computer screen has the ability to reproduce colors in full 8-bit quality. That makes these IPS devices extremely attractive to people who work with high-quality images like artists and editors.

There is another type of people that fancy quality images – computer gamers. Unfortunately, there is one drawback of IPS panels that makes some of them unattractive to gamers – that is slower response time of larger IPS monitors. That is the reason why 21.5″ – 24″ size IPS monitors are best for gaming.

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