Best Network Attached Storage Device For Small Business and Home In 2018 – NAS Reviews

If your one of those that are not technologically updated, network attached storage (NAS) may be new to your ears. But if you ever encountered having to share data among multiple computer users, I’m pretty sure you used a network storage device.

This device, commonly referred to as NAS, is a file server that is mainly used for data storage and sharing. It’s a device that provides additional file backup space, in which, this file can be accessed by several other computers simultaneously.

Network storage units have been gaining popularity in its industry ever since it came out on the market.

Best Network Attached Storage Devices

NAS Devices from Synology and Drobo

Features and Benefits

Several factors made network attached storage a rising technology in terms of data storing and sharing:

  • NAS offers a larger capacity for data storage. It provides additional storage space to all devices connected to it. We don’t have to worry about losing some files just to give way to a new one. It can hold data far more than the average USB we are all used to.

Another thing, with its ample room for data, data transfer is more straightforward since we don’t have to insert and remove several different storage devices to access data, this is especially important for people who need to get hold of large volumes of files.

  • NAS offers a convenient way of data sharing and transfer. Several computers can access files stored in network attached devices all at one time. Thus easy sharing of data is achieved. This is a cost and time effective if compared to storing large volumes of data online. We don’t need to move from one computer to another just to share data since the network storage makes it possible to access these data on your own device.
  • NAS can also serve as a back-up. Crashing servers, corrupt files – these situations are no longer new to us. Most, if not all, have already experienced this. With this, the networked disk can act as a back-up. Whenever we are trapped in sticky situations mentioned above, it can be our saving grace. We don’t have to worry about losing a single file, just as long these files are already stored on your network disc.

As it is useful, network storage devices are being used in all kinds of environments – from small home computer networks to bigger ones, like offices and organizations.

For Home

If you are shopping for the best network attached storage for home but you are not a computer geek – don’t worry. The NAS is easy enough to install and use that you can actually put one in your home.

Using it in households is becoming more common, as people discover and see its benefits. Files, like music, pictures, and important documents, can be simultaneously shared among family members.

Synology DiskStation DS218j

Synology DS218j

The whole family can browse through pictures all the same time, or you can share music with another member of the family. Critical family-related documents can also be shared between the household members in no time since it is easily accessed in NAS. Even internet at home can be shared through this device, you can plug in a router, and internet is available for all internet-able devices.

There are several 2 disk models designed for use at home like Synology DS218j as well as home 4 disk models like DS418j.

Historically we have been focusing more on Synology products, but there is also a great alternative from another manufacturer – the WD My Cloud EX2 Personal Cloud Storage.

Some may be tempted to get DS411 or even the new DS418 but before you take out your credit card, check out the comparisons in my Synology 4 disk models.

For Small Business

For a larger organization, like small business offices, all features of NAS are being wholly utilized. All the benefits of using one are needed by companies. The best network attached storage for small business should provide a large capacity for data storage that can accommodate the massive amount of documents and files companies need and accumulate for daily business and operations.

Synology DiskStation DS418

Synology DS418

With network storage, data sharing is made easier within offices and organizations as multiple computers and monitors can access any data simultaneously. This eliminates the need to manually share through going from computer to computer, which in turn saves time and effort.

NAS also serves as a backup server for necessary files critical to the companies’ everyday operations. With this, NAS helps to ensure that company operations are continuous and smooth-flowing.

Storage systems used in office environment usually have at least 4 disk bays, but you can find few 2 disk models that perform well in the office environment.

The entry-level 2 disk small office models are the new DS218 and Synology DS718+ models.

You can expect better performance and larger file storage volume from 4 disk models like Synology DS418 and DS412+/DS415+.

The next level is fast 5 disk systems like Drobo FS 5-bay Gbe Storage Array or Synology DS1517+

Today, there is already a wide range of network storage models available in the market you can choose from. You can undoubtedly find the model that will be most fitted to your needs.

One thing you should be aware especially if you are considering upgrading your small office NAS is the upgradeability. I have done some research so that I can advise you about Synology memory upgrade.

More NAS Reviews

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You can build the this device yourself. You just have to figure out which is the best case for NAS, which NDD or SSD to use, and which motherboard.

I will help you and answer all your burning questions about these topics.

Stay tuned!


What is the capacity range of a NAS device?
For the devices we have reviewed in our site the capacity ranges from 14TB (1x14TB HDD) in Synology DS118 up to 252 TB (112 TB + 14 TB drive x 10) in the DS1817+ system.

What does NAS stand for in computers?
NAS stands for network attached storage.