Which 4 Bay Synology NAS To Buy – DiskStation Network Attached Storage Lineup Review For 2018

Synology is a world-renowned computer hardware manufacturer that has spawned a number of award-winning 4 bay network attached storage systems over the years.

These products enable users to hold complete cloud control over stored files that are in an absolute secured position and can be accessed across a multitude of electronic devices at any time, 24/7.


Synology DiskStation DS416slim A model with the highly praised operating system, Synology DiskStation Manager, the Synology DS416slim has made multimedia streaming not only easier but also more fun. It is compatible with any Android, iOS or Windows device, accessible via just a mobile app.

The product is slim, as its name would suggest, and compact in nature, designed for users owning 2.5” drive (both SATA HDD and SSD). If you are looking for a NAS which is efficient, this model is your best bet since it prides itself on space utilization. However, since it is diskless, DS416slim does not come with a hard drive inside it; the disk has to be bought for a separate price.

The structure is also very well-designed; there is even a fan set up to make sure that the drive does not end up heating up in cases of heavy usage. Inside or outside, they don’t waste one space of millimeter, having placed the power button and LED on the same side for the operator’s ease of use.

However, the labels on the drive sleds need to stickered on, and the stickers are very tiny, which may be a slight measure of irritation. Other than that, the product is pretty much art-of-the-state.


Synology DiskStation DS418jIf you are looking for a NAS with significant storage capacity that can be access files anytime and anywhere, the Synology’s 4 bay DiskStation DS418j is the ideal model for you. It operates under a 64-bit dual-core 1.4GHz processor and can support a maximum of 16 IP cameras.

Sharing files across the DiskStation storage enables you to centralize data in one single cloud location and then access them through numerous popular platforms on a multitude of electronic devices. The DS418j is a great NAS to use if you are a team working on a project virtually from various geographical locations at the same time.

In addition to the non-hack-able, absolute guarantee of security, manufacturer also ensures that even you can recover files on your own in the case of an accidental file loss. Yes, backup indeed is everything.

Furthermore, in respect to a common claim among customers that the DS418j is prone to failing to reboot after an install, backing up your files is a safe choice although powering down and restarting the NAS has always solved the reboot issue.

For more information about J series, please check out my review of DS418j.


Synology DiskStation DS418jSimilar to the rest of its brethren, the Synology DiskStation DS418 4 bay NAS provides its operators with the best file storage service that can access data from anywhere at any time of the day. It can transfer files across multiple devices such as even Smart TVs, Roku players, Apple TV, and Chromecast enabling you to enjoy endless multimedia streaming and gaming.

What makes this model unique is its ability to transcode 4K Ultra HD video; having a 64-bit quad-core processor means that the DS418 can transfer 10-bit H.265 quality video at the speed of light (not literally, but you get the gist).

This is to be noted though that while streaming HD quality videos, it is best to refrain from any other type of uploading or downloading in the background since it may cause some form of buffering for the former.

All in all, this is a great product to buy and even to set up; even people with less technological knowledge have praised the DS418 for its straightforward operating techniques.

Here is my review of DS418.


Synology DiskStation DS418playBeing a Synology product, the DiskStation DS418play NAS has everything the company’s 4 disk series promises and more. In addition to allowing its users full cloud control over their files from anywhere and on any device that is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows operating system, the DS418play also has additional incentives for purchase.

Similar to the DS418, it can transcode 4k H.265 Ultra HD video at excellent transfer speed, courtesy of its quad-core processor but unlike the DS418, the DS418play can stream HD videos of both H.265 and H.264 via two channels at the same time.

However, while streaming the video from a PC may be a better option for viewing than, say, a mobile device such as the iPhone since the stream may come across as a bit choppy.

Another of its feature is its ability to combine the Btrfs file system to protect the data in a more highly secured manner successfully. Furthermore, there is a surveillance station that helps monitor the streaming and management of IP cameras during live video feeds.


Synology DiskStation DS918+The Synology DiskStation DS918+ is the best file storage device for small to medium level enterprises looking for a way to share the workload virtually to get extensive work projects done at a faster pace.

However, that is not all; in addition to offering storage space, users are also privy to some add-on applications courtesy of the Synology Package Center. There are more than 90 applications you can choose from to transform your DS918+ into your ideal NAS.

The DS918+ also sports a high-end Security Advisor with an encryption engine that protects the product and the information it holds from all sorts of menace with the use of firewalls, auto-blocking and so on. It also employs defensive barriers such as warning about weak passwords and monitoring configurations.

The DS918+ comes with a surveillance station which helps in monitoring the IP cameras during live video streaming. However, it has an extra charge for an additional camera after the initial two, therefore, making the entire process rather expensive.

In conclusion, it is a great product to use although it does require more than the minimum level of technical expertise to be able to know how to set it up.

Older Plus-Series models like DS412+ and DS415+ were not compatible with additional 5 disk storage.

DS41x Model Comparisons

Below you will see the comparison of current and older 4 bay Synology NAS systems.

Synology Diskstation DS411 vs DS411j

Synology DS411 and DS411j

When I was starting my research about Synology DS-411 storage system, I was confused.

I discovered that there are 3 devices with very similar model numbers – Synology DS411, DS411+, and DS411j.

I decided to look more into these models to see what the difference is.

What is common for all these devices is the number of expansion bays – 4 bays. That means you can use up to 4 hard disks with total volume of 12 terabytes (4 x 3 TB).



Synology DS 411j is an external data storage system designed for use at home. It has been designed with applications like multimedia sharing, backup of files, and internet sharing.

It can be used as a download station for BitTorrent and other peer-to-peer file sharing programs. It is also DLNA compatible which means you can stream media from this device to your audio system and TV set as well as latest generation video game systems like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

DS411j also works with iTunes very well.

Scroll down to see Synology DS411j vs DS411 detailed feature comparison table.

DS 411

Synology DiskStation DS 411 can comfortably stream media to up 3 computers in your home network for prolonged periods of time if no other tasks are performed. If you plan to use your DiskStation more extensively, you should look into more advanced models.

The DS 411 is built for business applications in workgroups and offices. It provides a data backup solution for your office computers. If you have a mixed environment of Windows computers as well as Macs and Linux hardware, DS 411 is designed just for you as it provides data sharing across all these platforms.

DS 411 is more powerful than DS411j having a faster processor and more memory. If needed it can also provide the same functionality as DS411j like DLNA, Bittorent, etc., so it can also be used at home if you have more than 3-4 computers there.

Please scroll down to see the detailed feature comparison table.


DS411+II model is even more powerful than DS411 and is designed for small and medium businesses. What sets this device aside is an even more processing power that allows it to provide even faster data reading and writing speeds.

DS411 and DS411j Feature Comparison Table


Model name DS411 DS411j
CPU Frequency 1.6
Floating Point No No
Hardware Encrypted Engine Yes Yes
Memory DDR3 512MB DDR2 128MB
Internal HDD/SSD 3.5″ or 2.5″ SATA(II) X4 3.5″ or 2.5″ SATA(II) X4
Max Internal Capacity 16TB (4X 4TB HDD) 16TB (4X 4TB HDD)
Hot Swappable HDD No No
External HDD Interface USB 2.0 Port X 2, eSATA Port X 1 USB 2.0 Port X 2
LAN Gigabit X1 Gigabit X1
Link Aggregation No No
Wake on LAN/WAN Yes No
Easy Replacement System Fan No No
Wireless Support Yes Yes
Noise Level 21.6 dB(A) 21.7 dB(A)
Power Consumption 29W (Access) / 11W (HDD Hibernation) 30,8W (Access) / 11W (HDD Hibernation)
Redundant Power Supply No No
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years


Model name DS411 DS411j
File Station Yes Yes
Mail Server Yes Yes
FTP Server Bandwidth Control, Custom FTP Passive Port Range, Anonymous FTP, Transfer Log Bandwidth Control, Custom FTP Passive Port Range, Anonymous FTP, Transfer Log
Web Station Yes Yes
Print Server Yes Yes
Max Printer # 2 2
iOS/Android Applications DS photo+, DS audio, DS cam, DS file, DS finder DS photo+, DS audio, DS cam, DS file, DS finder
Windows Phone Applications DS finder DS finder

Add-on Packages

Model name DS411 DS411j
Surveillance Station Yes Yes
MAX IP cam # (Licenses required) 12 5
Total frame rate (FPS) 120 FPS @ D1 (NTSC:720×480, PAL:720×576) / 30 FPS @ WXGA (1280×800) 50 FPS @ D1 (NTSC:720×480, PAL:720×576) / 10 FPS @ WXGA (1280×800)
Directory Server Yes Yes
VPN Server Yes Yes
Maximum Connections 15 5
DHCP Server Yes Yes
Syslog Server Yes Yes
Mail Station Yes Yes
Antivirus Essential Yes Yes
Time Backup Yes Yes
Maximum Task Number 4 1
Cloud Station Yes Yes
Maximum User Accounts 8 2
HiDrive Backup Yes Yes
Photo Station Yes Yes
Audio Station Yes Yes
iTunes Server Yes Yes
DLNA/UPnP Media Server Yes Yes
Download Station Yes Yes
Maximum Concurrent Download Tasks 50 20
Packages by 3rd Party phpMyAdmin, Webalizer, Logitech Media Server, WordPress phpMyAdmin, Webalizer, WordPress


Model name DS411 DS411j
Storage Management Yes Yes
Max Internal Volume # 128 128
Max iSCSI Target # 10 10
Max iSCSI LUN # 10 10
Supported RAID Type Synology
Hybrid RAID, Basic, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 5+Spare, RAID 6, RAID
Hybrid RAID, Basic, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 5+Spare, RAID 6, RAID
File Sharing Capability Yes Yes
Max User Accounts 2048 1024
Max Groups 256 256
Max Shared Folder 256 256
Max Concurrent CIFS/AFP/FTP Connections 256 128
Windows Access Control List (ACL) Yes Yes
Windows ADS Domain Integration Yes Yes
Virtualization No No
Vmware vSphere 5 No No
Vmware vSphere 4 No No
Microsoft Hyper-V No No
Citrix Ready No No
Backup Solutions Yes Yes
Shared Folder Sync – Max task number 2 2
USBCopy No No
SDCopy No No
Management Yes Yes
Auto DSM Upgrade Yes Yes
Push Notification – MSN/Skype/Mobile Devices Yes Yes
VLAN support Yes Yes
Hotspot Yes Yes

Optional Accessories

Model name DS411 DS411j
Remote Yes Yes
Camera License Pack Yes Yes
Disk Holder No No
Rail Kit No No
RAM Module No No
Expansion Unit No No
VS80 Yes Yes


Synology DiskStation DS41x Model Comparison

Synology DiskStation DS411 Family - 4 models

Synology DiskStation DS411j / DS411slim / DS411 / DS411+

I have counted more than 10 different Synology DiskStation DS411 models on Amazon. If you are thinking about buying Synology DS411, you may get confused. That is why I decided to check out these items and try to find out more

Diskless DS411J (White)

This is the cheapest DS411-family model – DS411J for using at home. This is just a NAS device without hard disks. To use it you will have to buy hard disks separately or use your own hard disks. Just keep in mind that when you mount disks on this storage device, all information stored in these disks will be erased.

4 TB (4 x 1 TB) DS411J 4100 (White)

This is the same DS411J model described above plus 4 units of 1TB hard disks. This is a good choice if you don’t have spare disks at hand and don’t want to mess with shopping for hard disks. Just keep in mind that 411-series 4 bay devices support up to 3TB hard disks, so you can always upgrade to larger volume disks if necessary.

Diskless DS411 (Black)

This is the diskless version of the DS411 model for small workgroups. As with all diskless NAS systems, you should add 4 hard disks before you can use it.

4 TB (4 x 1 TB) DS411 4100

The DS411 with included 1TB hard disks, 4 units total.

DS411+II (Black)

This is the diskless version of small and medium business model DS411+II Add hard disks of your choice to use it.

4 TB (4×1 TB) DS411+II 4100 (Black)

This is DS411+II model with 4 units of 1TB hard disks preinstalled.

User Manuals

Synology DS411j User ManualIf you have never set up network attached storage systems before you may want to check out user manuals linked below.

DS411j Quick Installation Guide

If you want to learn how to install this NAS device, you have to read the DiskStation DS 411j Quick Installation Guide – CLICK HERE

DS411j User’s Guide

To learn how to use the DS411j network attached storage device and how to manage it using DeskStation Manager (DSM) software, you should check out DiskStation DS411j User’s Guide – CLICK HERE

Synology Download Center

If you want to download various software packages for your DS411j (Synology Assistant, Download Redirector, Data Replicator 3, etc.) visit Synology Download Center by CLICKING HERE.