// Synology DS1511+ / DS1512+ / DS1513+ Memory Upgrade Synology DS1511+ / DS1512+ / DS1513+ Memory Upgrade

Synology DS1511+ / DS1512+ / DS1513+ Memory Upgrade

Synology DS1511+/DS1512+/DS1513+ network attached storage devices are advanced NAS devices that DO support memory expansion.

These NAS devices are compatible with different memory types and have different maximum supported RAM volumes.

If you are using your DS151x+ NAS in office settings where multiple computers are connected to your NAS, there is a chance it will not have enough power to serve all data requests.

The additional memory will be used as a buffer when handling multiple file transfers at once.


Synology DiskStation DS1511+ has 1GB of RAM preinstalled, and total RAM can be expanded up to 3GB.

It has one extra memory expansion slot, so your can add 1GB or 2GB RAM upgrade.

The factory installed RAM module of 1GB is in fact installed in the regular memory slot.

It theoretically can be replaced with another bigger volume module, but you SHOULD NOT do that – if you tamper with preinstalled RAM module, the warranty will be void.

These systems also do not recognize more than 3 GBs of RAM, so adding 4 GB or more will be a waste of money.

At the same time I have read that people are experimenting with adding 4GB memory module to DS1511+ storage device, and they say that their device is recognizing it.

It is not clear if such increase will improve the performance even more than adding 2GB memory, and what is the manufacturer’s stance on this.

I still have to investigate this.

synology DS1511+ ram memory upgradeSynology DiskStation DS1511+ supports 800Mhz (PC2-6400) 200Pin SODIMM modules that are normally used in laptops.

Two examples of RAM modules than can be used in this storage device are

Click here to see more alternative RAM modules from other manufacturers.

– Apacer, 2GB DDR2 800 (PC2 6400), SO-DIMM 200-Pin, CL5

– Mushkin Enhanced 991577, 2GB DDR2 800 (PC2 6400), SO-DIMM 200-Pin, CL5


DS1512+ also comes with 1GB RAM preinstalled and expandable to to 3GB.

Upgrading to 2GB

This device used different type of RAM – DDR3-1066 unbuffered So-DIMM 204pin CL=7 1.5V

For example:

Upgrading to 4GB

According to DS1512+ users this machine recognizes 4GB of RAM. To install 4 gigabytes you will have to remove the 1GB module and replace it with 4GB module.

Here comes the tricky part. If you are planning to install 2 pieces of 2GB modules, you have to find the specific type of module – Single Rank memory. The quickest way to identify Single Rank memory module is to read its label.
Single Rank has a 1Rx on it, for example 1Rx4 or 1Rx8.

In other words – if you will upgrade to 3GB, don’t worry much and  get the DDR3-1066 unbuffered So-DIMM 204pin CL=7 1.5V. If you will upgrade to 4GB, make sure you get Single Rank modules.

Please check out this discussion to learn more about upgrading to 4GB RAM.


This NAS features 2 GB preinstalled RAM that can be expanded up to 4 GBs.

– Kingston ValueRAM 2GB DDR3 1333MHz SODIMM Notebook Memory (KVR1333D3S8S9/2G)


Can Other Types Of RAM Be Used?

Sometimes people have extra memory modules at home that were left after upgrading their equipment. They are asking if similar types of notebook memory modules like PC2-5300 can be used?

The answer is NO. Even if the memory module will fit in your storage, you will see the performance decrease as the outdated module will act as bottleneck.

Always use the memory modules specified by equipment manufacturer, and your device will function at its best and serve you long long time.