// Synology DS1511+ 5-Bay NAS Review Synology DS1511+ 5-Bay NAS Review

Synology DS1511+ 5-Bay NAS Review

IMPORTANT! This model is not available anymore, so we suggest you to check out the new Synology DS1513+!

For those people who are on the lookout for a new NAS device which is suitable to be used for home or a small business, Synology DS1511+ can be one of the products which can be taken into consideration.

synology DS1511+ 5 disk nasIt is the solution of its manufacturers to the call for better capacity and performance, compared to the models which have been introduced prior to 2011, the year at which Synology DiskStation DS1511+ has been made available in the market. If you need a powerful NAS system with 5 disks, the DS1511+ is a good option.

Before you decide to buy Synology DiskStation DS1511+ network storage server, it would be useful to first know its set of advantages and disadvantages which can help you to consider if this product will be worth every penny spent or if you need to consider another NAS device as an alternative.

I also suggest to check out another Synology NAS built for SMB needs, the Synology DS712+.


One of the best things with Synology DS1511+ is that it has delivered many of the expectations of people from a NAS device. People who have used this product in the past have commended about its superb performance and reliability, which, according to the product’s developer, can be attributed to its highly advanced features and speed.

Aside from the high quality of management interface, it is also user-friendly. It also has 1 HDD led per disk, which will make it easier to know which among the disks is busy with its current performance. The DS1511 Plus also functions very quietly, even if it is equipped with two fans. In addition, it also consumes relatively low amount of power – only 68 watts on the normal operating condition of the product.

You can increase DS 1511+ NAS performance even more by adding Synology DS1511+ memory. The NAS + supports un to 3GB RAM which means you can add up to 2GB.

1511+ is ideal for those users who would want to enjoy the benefits of reducing the energy used. For novices at their homes, and even for businesses with sophisticated requirements, the Synology DS1511+ can indeed prove to be the perfect choice.


Despite the good reviews, there are also some disadvantages of this product, including its price. The product is seen to be more expensive than its other counterparts in the market, although the counterpart promises the same set of functionality and efficiency.

The DS1511+ does not provide support for USB 3.0. Its inclusion of only one IP camera is also noted by many users as one of its major downfall.

Why You Should Choose DiskStation DS1511+

Still, the advantages of this product outweigh its disadvantages. Being marketed by one of the most trusted companies all over the globe, Amazon, this product seems very promising. Although it seems to be more expensive than its counterparts within its category, the price is nothing which you should be worried about, as it is compensated by a high degree of performance.

If you are seeking for a product which is commendable in terms of performance, ease of use, hard-drive support, and aesthetics, this product will surely deliver and meet your expectations of a NAS device. The advance features may not be perfect for basic users, but they can be learned easily. With all of this, it would be worth giving the Synology DS1511+ a try. You will surely not end up being disappointed.