// Synology DS211j vs DS211 - Features Comparison Synology DS211j vs DS211 - Features Comparison

Synology DS211j vs DS211 – Features Comparison

Synology DS211 vs DS211j – Main Features

Synology DS211 series network attached storage systems are 2 bay systems which means you can install 2 hard drives with total capacity of 6 TB.

2 bay systems usually is cheaper than 4 bay NAS systems like Synology DS411 or DS411j.

Synology DS211j vs DS211

Synology DS211j and DS211

These systems differ by their processing power, making the less powerful system appropriate for use at home with few connected computers.

More powerful models can be used in workgroup settings. All models have more or less similar functionality so you can use more powerful models at home as well if you have such need.

DS211j Features

Synology DiskStation DS211j (predecessor of DS212j) is an affordable network attached storage system for home environment.

If you need a budget friendly NAS for entertainment purposes, this is the device for you. DS211j is DLNA-certified and provides excellent multimedia streaming to your audio system, TV ot gaming consoles.

Of course you can use it for backing up data from your computers, sharing your videos and photos over the internet and many more. You can even use the this model without a computer for torrent downloads and playing music from its hard drives and from internet radio stations.

UPDATE: company has launched the new updated 2xx series NAS for home use, the DiskStation DS212j.

DS211 Features

Synology DS211 is a NAS system for small offices. It supports functions of the cheaper ‘j’ model and provides even more secure backups and file sharing using more advanced RAID technologies.

DS211 features quicker processor and has more memory built-in, and that is why it works faster and/or with more computers connected to it.

The DS211+ is even more powerful system designed for small to medium size business needs. You can expect the same functionality as other DS211-series  models with increased access and data reading speeds.