Synology DiskStation DS212 NAS System Review

Many people would notice the resemblance of Synology DS212 vs Synology DS212j; and that is because, this model is somehow the “upgraded” version of the latter.

Though, still developed and designed for home use, Synology DiskStation DS212 is much powerful than its predecessor as it can also be used for small businesses.

Synology DS212 NASWith this, if you would like a NAS that will give a little bit more power, but is still power saving that is good home use, then getting the DS212 processor is a good choice, especially if you loved the older version.

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Synology DS212 Specs

To give you a better look, here is a list of features that you can expect from this device:
  • Fast writing and reading speed, as it delivers an average of 109 MB per second for reading and 56 MB for writing
  • It supports USB 3.0 which offers transmission speed of up to 5GBPS. This greatly help reduce the time for data transfer, which ultimately results in consuming less power
  • Convenient for use since it supports Windows, Linux, and Mac so that you can easily integrate it to your computer network without requiring you to change operation systems or create new accounts
  • Runs on Synology DiskStation Manager
  • Offers many office applications best for those who owns or plans of putting up a home businessSynology DS 212


Aside from providing all the basic benefits of using a NAS device (data management, security, and centralize data sharing), Diskstation DS212 gives you a lot more. People love how they can access it even if they are away from their homes. They can easily log into it via their mobile devices, with secure connections.

Synology DiskStation DS212DS212 has an iTune and media server which lets you store in your music and videos and share them with people in your local network. In addition, you can store in your personal documents and other pertinent files for back up.

This is also very useful for people with small business as it is powerful and fast enough to handle small office operations. With this, you can share, transfer, and store all the important information without having to worry about them being lost.

How Does Synology DS 212 Rate In Reviews

DS 212 side viewSynology DS 212 received very good feedbacks from the users. They loved how its power increased in just the right rate, so it is still very appropriate for home use.

They also like the fact that you can access this NAS device even from the outside.

The set up is also very easy that people with no previous experience in using NAS device will find it simple to install.

Many also noted that the machine in this model is quieter compared with the Synology DS211.

All in all, this model earned a good standing status as a NAS device. So if you are looking for a something that could back up all you documents and data, offers and efficient way of centralizing data sharing, then you may want to consider checking Synology DS 212.

For its price you get a reliable and of quality device that you can use for a very long time.

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