Synology DS212j 2-Bay NAS Server Review

Synology DS212j 2-Bay NAS ServerIf you are looking for a network attached storage device that is perfect for home and personal use, you may want to consider looking into Synology DS212j.

With Synology DiskSation DS212j external storage device, you will be able to enjoy the same benefits of additional file storage space, data protection, and centralizes sharing of data, but in a lower power consumption that is just right for your home environment.

You can store in all your music, videos, movies, and other pertinent documents with DS212j storage, less the worry of losing it all in one crash as it has also added security.

DiskStation DS212j is available diskless or with bundled 2 pieces of 1TB  hard drives.

Benefits Of Using Synology DS 212j

Aside from its features, the best benefit of using the DiskStation DS212j is that it is designed and made solely for home purpose. It has 24 hour power saving download server which operates in lower power consumption of 17.6 watts.

In addition, it is only 4.45 pounds which is very light weight and compact, that you may put it just about anywhere in your house as it won’t take that much space.

If you are looking for NAS for business workgroup use, Synology DS212 will be a better choice.

Moreover, it is running on Synology DiskStation Manager which makes it faster and more customizable which proves its worth and reliability. It also provide enough backup for all your files, so you won’t have to worry when your computers crashes down.

Carrying the name of Synology, you just know that Synology DS 212j NAS is quality tool. It has solid access control, polished features, and delivers superior performance.

If you are wondering if you should get DS212j or older DS211j model, please see our DS211j vs DS212j comparison.

DiskStation DS212j Features

  • Processor CPU Frequency : 1.2GHz
  • Memory : DDR2 256MB (not expandable)
  • Internal HDD/SSD capacity: 3.5″ or 2.5″ SATA(II) x 2. Optional 2.5″ disk holder required for use with 2.5 inch HDDs
  • Max Internal Capacity : 8TB (2x 4TB HDDs)
  • External HDD Interfaces : 2 x USB 2.0 Ports
  • LAN : 1 Gigabit port
  • Size (HxWxD) : 165 x 100 x 225.5 mm
  • Weight : 0.94 kg

Reasons Why People Like Synology DS 212j

Synology DiskStation DS212j rear panelFrom the many reviews, this device seems to satisfy every users needs and wants in an NAS.

It is fast to accommodate all personal files, including music, movies, and other related stuff. The power saving feature also does a lot good to save power that is just enough for a household use. It also provides an efficient way to share these files to all the members of the family.

Though there is undoubtedly a broad range of NAS that people can choose from, this model separates itself as a NAS exclusively designed for home use.

You don’t have to get a NAS that packed a lot of features that you necessarily don’t need. This saves you a lot of power (and money).

Also, since it targets household, the price is cheaper compared to NAS that could also be used for businesses e.g. DS212. So if you really just want a personal one, this is the way to go.

In case 2 disks are not enough for your, the 4 disk model DS411j is available as an option.

What People Don’t Want In DS212j

Some people notice that the system in Synology DS212j processor makes a sound when in use, thus, is noisier compared to others. Though, many people note that the noise is not loud or annoying that would bother you. This, however, does not affect in any way on the performance of the device.

So if you can live with a little sound, then getting this model is not a bad choice.

Synology DS211j vs DS212j

Should You Upgrade From Synology DS211j To DS212j?

After comparing the new Synology DS212j with older Synology DS211j model I have discovered that it is not worth it to upgrade if you already have the DS211j.

synology DS211j vs DS212j

Synology DS211j And DS212j Differences

DS212j storage device have few improvements, e.g. twice more RAM (256MB DDR2 RAM vs 128MB), larger and more productive fan, and a missing front USB port that could be used for quick copy in older model.

Synology DS211j vs DS211

Synology DS211 vs DS211j

Synology DS211 series network attached storage systems are 2 bay systems which means you can install 2 hard drives with total capacity of 6 TB.

2 bay systems usually is cheaper than 4 bay NAS systems like Synology DS411 or DS411j.

Synology DS211j vs DS211

Synology DS211j and DS211

These systems differ by their processing power, making the less powerful system appropriate for use at home with few connected computers.

More powerful models can be used in workgroup settings. All models have more or less similar functionality so you can use more powerful models at home as well if you have such need.

DS211j Features

Synology DiskStation DS211j (predecessor of DS212j) is an affordable network attached storage system for home environment.

If you need a budget friendly NAS for entertainment purposes, this is the device for you. DS211j is DLNA-certified and provides excellent multimedia streaming to your audio system, TV ot gaming consoles.

Of course you can use it for backing up data from your computers, sharing your videos and photos over the internet and many more. You can even use the this model without a computer for torrent downloads and playing music from its hard drives and from internet radio stations.

UPDATE: company has launched the new updated 2xx series NAS for home use, the DiskStation DS212j.

DS211 Features

Synology DS211 is a NAS system for small offices. It supports functions of the cheaper ‘j’ model and provides even more secure backups and file sharing using more advanced RAID technologies.

DS211 features quicker processor and has more memory built-in, and that is why it works faster and/or with more computers connected to it.

The DS211+ is even more powerful system designed for small to medium size business needs. You can expect the same functionality as other DS211-series models with increased access and data reading speeds.

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